Keep Your Money Honey

On a regular day $1200 might not seem like a lot of money or go very far when there are bills to pay and groceries to buy. However, right now money is funny and change is strange all over one of the richest countries in the world… the good old USA. The coronavirus stimulus package that all of our politicians have toiled over tirelessly and the president has signed, is finally on the way. Accurate details about the tax relief payments can be found at

What will you spend your money on when it comes? Don’t answer that question. Instead, consider this… no matter what you absolutely have to spend, figure out how much you absolutely have to save. We cannot get around owing bills, or paying for necessities and, sometimes, our wants and desires. Saving for what-if and whenever and maybe often takes a back seat ride to nowhere. And if COVID-19 hasn’t taught us anything else, it has definitely taught us the importance of having a rainy day fund and an adequate supply of household needs.

We are living in uncertain times and, quite frankly, we always have. But, one thing that is still certain is that money answers many calls. Without it, many needs go unattended. The best thing you can do with money is always have some. People don’t just give this stuff away and it only comes easy for a few of us. So, pay what you have to pay. But, as much as you possibly can, even if everyone else around you is blowing every penny they have, KEEP YOUR MONEY HONEY. You will not regret it.

For money-saving tips that you can use right away, consider: Dave Ramsey’s How to Save Money and Men With Kids’ 10 Personal Finance Tips There are countless other resources online that can help you spend smarter and save bigger, starting today.

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