Wash Your Butt To Beat Depression

There are only 30 days in April. That’s not a long time. A whole week is already behind us. Those days are flying right past us, as they do every year… except we’re not shopping for new outfits or getting ready for the big Easter egg hunts, the Resurrection Day church services, or all the parties that usually happen on the nights of Good Friday and Holy Saturday. These are very different times we are going through right now.

The country is… wait, the whole world is… going through some difficult times right now. The novel Coronavirus has the world on lockdown. People can’t go to church, to work, to the salon, to the night club, the b-ball court, or even the golf course! People are making videos in their underwear and do-rags. We are learning how to adapt on new levels. Although a worldwide quarantine is not an ideal situation to be in, some people are yet learning and growing.

Staying home is, however, very difficult for most of us and even a bit depressing. Especially for those who are used to being active and always on the go. With nowhere to go and seemingly nothing to do, dressing up and styling your hair and doing your makeup or simply remembering to wash your butt might seem pointless on some days.

However, fixing yourself up is something you do for you, not others, mostly. Taking a shower is something you do for ALL of us. Yes, people do notice, even if they don’t say it. So, no matter what’s going on in the world, WASH YOUR BUTT… even if you’re home alone. It’ll make you feel better, look better, and smell better.

For more information on the effects of bathing on depression, consider this article from The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/society/shortcuts/2018/oct/23/why-a-daily-bath-helps-beat-depression-and-how-to-have-a-good-one. For some interesting suggestions on things you can do, besides shower, while under the stay-at-home order, visit Mile High Mamas at: https://www.milehighmamas.com/blog/2020/03/13/coronavirus-50-fun-things-to-do-with-your-kids-at-home/.

Take care of yourself, inside and out. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. #StayPositive #NoMatterWhat

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